Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mesotherapy for hair loss is used with great success in Europe and the United States. The treatment is virtually painless and safe. There is no dressing or local anaesthesia required. After the treatment you can just go back to work.

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps treat baldness in both males and females, as well as being a great cure for dandruff problems. It reduces hair loss, promoting hair growth and slowing male pattern baldness. We use the latest technique with the aid of a "Mesogun". Using superfine needles, this injects all the required vitamins, minerals, nutrients and boosters with growth factors required, into the scalp. It is suitable for both men and women experiencing reduced hair growth, hair loss, or Alopecia.

This Mesotherapy treatment brings just the right materials to the exact place where it is needed (around the hair follicle), so that the hair follicle can grow and survive, and blood circulation is stimulated. This results in stimulation of natural hair growth and immediate stopping of hair loss , promoting thicker and fuller hair. The chances of natural hair re-growth with Meso-Hair is around 80%.  Results will vary for each individual, so a consultation is required.


Mesotherapy scalp treatment for hair loss: £170

Note: Any one suffering with skin ailments, dermal inflammations, diabetes, haemophilia and pregnancy are not suitable for this treatment as it may effect their health condition.



Mesotherapy Hair treatment Before photo


Mesotherapy Hair treatment Afterphoto